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Generation Z consumers will account for 40% of the world's economy and are on their way to becoming the most powerful consumers in our market today!

Are you reaching Generation Z?

Receive your GenZ Score from GenZ Designs to understand your company's ability to attract, engage and convert GenZ customers.

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Pyxl will email your GenZ Score.

What is the GenZ Score?™

The GenZ Score shows you where your brand stands with Generation Z. Composed of research-backed metrics and broken into 3 categories, the GenZ Score algorithm measures Gen Z's impression of your brand, how they engage with your content, and your brand’s influence on their behavior, all combined into one number from 0-100: the GenZ Score.

Pyxl will send you your score and we will work with you to identify opportunities of improvement with your website and marketing strategy to help you create loyal Gen Z customers, just like the world’s top brands.