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Pyxl & WP Engine Virtual Learning Bar Video Recording


Results from WP Engine's 2020 Gen Z Report

With Generation Z accounting for 40% of today's market, Gen Z is on their way to becoming one of the most powerful consumer forces in the economy. Being the most internet-dependent generation in history, Gen Z is creating new opportunities and challenges for businesses today and in the future.

Is your marketing strategy keeping up with the trends set by Gen Z?

Watch the video recording as Pyxl and WP Engine discuss the current digital trends influenced by Gen Z.


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WP Engine will reveal and unpack the results of WP Engine's 2020 Gen Z Report and provide strategies on how to market to Gen Z today and in the future.

  • Who is Gen Z?
  • What makes Gen Z so much different from the other generations?
  • How do you market to Gen Z and what methods are most effective?
  • What does Gen Z expect from you and the brands they follow, now and in the future?